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Friendly and professional private practice based in Portsmouth with two clinical locations to choose from. 

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Wide range of onsite and offsite services including hydrotherapy, acupuncture as well as Pre and Post Natal Pilates.

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Never treated me after I had for a major rotator cuff repair. My surgeon warned that I might not get all the movement back. Never was happy to work hard with me to ensure that actually I did get almost 100% movement back. He tailored exercises to my needs and was so supportive, and positive that I would succeed. He really understands shoulders and this meant that he provided me with the most appropriate exercises. Thank you so much Never, Totally recommended.

Sian B

For 30+ years i have been having this back ache almost on daily basis. During the years it was diagnosed as spondylolisthesis. I was told to exercise, do physio, or undergo an operation. I went from one physio‘ to another and exercised to no avail.Then a couple of years ago I went to hope physio when it was so bad, I barely could walk. A few days after the pain started to subside and now I am completely pain free. thank you so much, ever so grateful.