From 19th July we will continue to maintain:

*Face coverings     *Social distancing      *Hand sanitising       *PPE for our staff

Please continue to wear a face-covering in our clinic unless medically exempt.

Why choose us?

Friendly and professional private practice based in Portsmouth with two clinical locations to choose from. 

Experienced HCPC registered Chartered Physiotherapists.

We value all our clients.

Flexible fast-track appointments.

Open evenings and weekends (Sundays).

Wide range of onsite and offsite services including hydrotherapy, acupuncture as well as Pre and Post Natal Pilates.

Our clients directly  -  no referral needed

GP practices and Consultants

Solicitors & Intermediaries

Rehab Case Managers

Insurance Companies



Never treated me after I had for a major rotator cuff repair. My surgeon warned that I might not get all the movement back. Never was happy to work hard with me to ensure that actually I did get almost 100% movement back. He tailored exercises to my needs and was so supportive, and positive that I would succeed. He really understands shoulders and this meant that he provided me with the most appropriate exercises. Thank you so much Never, Totally recommended.

Sian B

For 30+ years i have been having this back ache almost on daily basis. During the years it was diagnosed as spondylolisthesis. I was told to exercise, do physio, or undergo an operation. I went from one physio‘ to another and exercised to no avail.Then a couple of years ago I went to hope physio when it was so bad, I barely could walk. A few days after the pain started to subside and now I am completely pain free. thank you so much, ever so grateful.