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Our Physiotherapists are registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council  and members of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Our senior Physiotherapist Suzy Brooker is also a member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists 



Our staff are highly qualified and skilled to assess and treat a range of  conditions to help you overcome your problem. We aim to help all of our patients get back to their best quickly and safely whatever their condition, injury or complaint.​



Many patients are unsure about what treatment may be needed as they might never have needed physiotherapy before.  Our friendly, highly qualified physiotherapists will assess you and tailor a course of treatment bespoke to you. This often will consist of a combination of hands-on treatment and 1:1 exercise rehabilitation.  We also have the facilities to offer Hydrotherapy, Clinical Pilates and Acupuncture​.


We will teach you exercise programmes and pain prevention techniques which you can undertake at home or work designed to allow you to take control of your condition, speed up your recovery and, most importantly, prevent any recurrence.



We understand the implications of not getting the correct treatment for an injury and will always refer you to our network of other health care professionals and specialists if needed.  This might include liaising with your NHS GP to arrange X-ray, MRI or onward specialist referral if appropriate.