Home Visits


At Hope Physiotherapy Clinic we appreciate that treatment in a home setting is sometimes necessary or simply preferred by our patients, particularly those with mobility problems or long-term conditions affecting their mobility.

Physiotherapy in the home can be helpful if a patient is having difficulty with daily activities like walking, climbing stairs, or getting in and out of bed,  or while recovering from a fall, suffering from balance problems, or after surgery which has impacted their mobility.​

We are happy to visit patients in their private residence as well as, with permission, within nursing or care home settings.

Neurological Physiotherapy also lends itself to home physiotherapy and we have a proven record of providing treatment for patients with Parkinson’s Disease, MS, or recovering from Stroke.

Research shows that bespoke, supervised exercise programmes in these areas can help improve people’s day-to-day function and slow down the progression of long-term conditions.

A home visit from a Physiotherapist can be helpful in providing a risk assessment and advice to make your home environment safer, especially after a fall. We can provide bespoke advice to help make daily tasks easier, rebuild your confidence and get you out and about again.

Our home-based physiotherapy sessions involve working towards goals agreed by you and your physiotherapist, the ultimate aim being to improve your quality of life.

Hands-on therapy including massage and joint mobilisations are a proven part of aiding recovery combined with an exercise programme designed specifically for you and your ability and needs.

We welcome the presence of relatives, spouses, or carers during these sessions, when appropriate, as their input and help is often very valuable. In some cases, we can help teach those individuals techniques that will help aid your recovery or ongoing maintenance.

Domiciliary visits can also be arranged for Podiatry Services.

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