Hydrotherapy is essentially physiotherapy in a pool, it involves moving and

exercising in water to improve physical complaints including:

  • Back pain

  • Rheumatic pain and arthritis

  • Poor muscle tone

  • Poor circulation

  • Muscle pain and inflammation

  • Headaches

  • Hip or other joint replacements (before and after surgery)

  • Muscle or ligament injuries and broken limbs

  • Neurological conditions such as strokes or brain injuries

  • Hydrotherapy is a proven method of treatment for those with sports

    injuries as buoyancy relieves stress on joints, decreases joint compression,

    and helps reduce swelling around injured areas.

Benefits include:

  • Relief of pain

  • Relief of muscle spasm

  • Improve posture and balance

  • Normalising muscle tone

  • Develop confidence

  • Relaxation

  • Work on functional tasks sooner than on land

  • Physiological effects include- improve cardiovascular fitness, improve respiratory function, reduce oedema, improve circulation, improve renal function.

There is a huge sense of achievement and independence gained from aquatic physiotherapy and water immersion. There are significant benefits reported from our clients who often find that they are able to perform activities in the pool that they are unable to perform on dry land.

In comparison with land-based physiotherapy, exercising in the water eliminates anxiety and fear of falling by providing postural support. This often enables improved relaxation and flexibility of the limbs.

As patients gain confidence, and for later stages of rehabilitation, the properties of drag and turbulence can be used to challenge stability further.

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