Hydrotherapy is essentially physiotherapy in a pool, it involves moving and

exercising in water to improve physical complaints including:

  • back pain

  • rheumatic pain and arthritis

  • poor muscle tone

  • poor circulation

  • muscle pain and inflammation

  • headaches

  • hip or other joint replacements (before and after surgery)

  • muscle or ligament injuries and broken limbs

  • neurological conditions such as strokes or brain injuries

Our senior Physiotherapist, Suzy Brooker, has represented Hampshire and

England at National and International Masters swimming competitions. 

She has a passion for hydrotherapy and has achieved outstanding results

with her clients by designing personalised plans to treat a variety of

conditions and injuries.

Hydrotherapy is a proven method of treatment for those with sports injuries

as buoyancy relieves stress on joints, decreases joint compression and helping

reduce swelling around injured areas.

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Hope Physiotherapy Clinic

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