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Multiple Sclerosis - Get A Head Start Programme

There are exciting developments in research to show that exercise could have potential neuroprotective effects on the central nervous system.  When you work vigorously hard certain key chemicals are released increasing nerve activity which is vital for maintaining brain health. 

Exercise will not cure or stop the progression of the disease but could have the potential to slow the progressive disease down.

Another important element is that regular exercise can reduce the levels of inflammatory markers in the body, which are commonly elevated in people with MS, due to the inflammatory nature of the condition. Anything that can proactively reduce the inflammation levels in the body can have a positive effect on the symptom presentation.

However the main point is that inactivity causes a faster physical decline, so the stronger and fitter an individual is with MS then the more control they have over the general decline of inactivity.



The goal is to maximise quality of life

We offer an innovative six week high intensity exercise and education program to empower self management.  The MS Get a Head Start program is an evidence based, therapist lead exercise program that changes lives for those living with MS.

Our specialist physiotherapist is dedicated to enabling individuals to take control of their MS.  He is fully trained and licenced to practice MS-GHS  and will provide you with detailed education, the confidence to positively exercise and slow down the progression of your MS.

MS Exercise Programme
MS Exercise Programme