Sports Facility 2


Our goal here is to heal dysfunction in your pelvic floor and your core, to restore health to your pelvic floor and ultimately your whole body and mind.


We achieve this with exercise and education. Empowering you with the knowledge which you need to succeed in and outside your sessions.


The integrity of the pelvic floor can be compromised by pregnancy, childbirth, lower levels of oestrogen after menopause, some medical treatment or surgery, obesity and the straining of chronic constipation. 


The Pelvic floor support the organs in the abdomen and limit their downward movement. The lower limbs and upper body both meet the pelvis and muscles of the pelvis in the centre of your body. This emphasizes the importance of proper function and strength of this muscle.


Sessions are tailored to each individual body as our bodies tell its own individual story. All exercises and advise are directed towards healing.


In your sessions you will gain knowledge for your own body with regards to your pelvic floor, its function and how your pelvic floor health affects your mind and body function whether in exercise or normal daily activity.