Pilates Class


Postpartum, we focus on helping the body recover from the birth acknowledging no two pregnancies or births are similar.


We achieve this with Pilates Exercises and Corrective Exercises which address posture and adjustments the body would have adopted whilst adapting throughout pregnancy.


We also work on helping your body recover from the birthing experience. Diastasis Recti Recovery work will also be a part of the plan if needed.


Post-Natal Sessions practice include:

- Breathing and Releasing Techniques

- Posture assessment and realignment where necessary

- Movement assessment

- Gradually increasing strength of the postpartum body

- Deep core work / strengthening

- Strengthen the pelvic floor, rehabilitate the body from a surgical birth

- Understanding the demands of new motherhood



These sessions are 60 minute 1-2-1 sessions with our highly qualified and experienced instructor Nnenna.

For further information call us on 023 9255 4007 or email info@hopephysiotherapy.com

Hope Physiotherapy Clinic

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Hope Physiotherapy Clinic

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