Bridge Pose


Pre Natal sessions are perfect for addressing your specific needs at a pace that suits you.


The sessions aim to address your needs for each stage of pregnancy. The sessions will include Pilates exercises on the Mat or Equipment as well as Corrective Exercises which will address postural adaptations as a result of pregnancy that could cause discomfort or pain.


Pre Natal exercises help you prepare your body for birth. We also talk about changes in the body you progress through the stages of pregnancy.


The plan here is to strengthen your mind and body, build confidence and trust in your body and your ability to give birth to your baby.


Pre Natal Sessions practice include:

- Breathing and Releasing Techniques

- Preparation for labour positions and encouraging ease of moment

- Total body integration

- Strengthen the pelvic floor

- Attention to pregnancy posture

- Education on the changes taking place throughout pregnancy

- Early Post-Partum recovery exercises

These sessions are 60 minute 1-2-1 sessions with our highly qualified and experienced instructor Nnenna.