Stroke Recovery

It is reasonable for anyone who has had a stroke to want to know when they will get better and how much recovery they are going to get and these questions are very difficult to answer.

Predicting the extent and pace of recovery from stroke is very difficult, it is influenced by many factors including the age of the patient, severity of the stroke, part of the brain affected by the stroke, an individuals motivation for recovery, and levels of physical fitness before the stroke.

Although much of the recovery after a stroke happens within the first six months, most experts agree that the brain will continue to slowly heal for years afterwards.

Physiotherapy plays an important part in the stroke recovery process. Our experienced neurological physiotherapist will assess and treat movement deficits and we will work with you to set goals important to you.


Treatments plans are designed bespoke to your requirements and tailored to your needs, your specialist physiotherapist will:

  • Motivate you to be actively involved in your recovery and get the most out of every physiotherapy session to help you relearn normal patterns of movement.

  • Offer bespoke therapy to strengthen your limbs and teach you how to move again as independently as possible.

  • Work together with your carer, family and friends to enable them to support your recovery in a coordinated way.

  • Advise you, your family and any carers how to enable you to do as much as possible for yourself and move around as much as possible.

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Stroke recovery
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